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Welcome to Blue Elements Imaging! Tanya Houppermans is an internationally acclaimed award winning underwater image maker, shark naturalist, scientific diver, and explorer whose mission is to protect the world's marine environments and the creatures who live there. 

*** Tanya can be seen on the program 'Shark Gangs' as part of National Geographic's Shark Fest 2021! 'Shark Gangs' highlights Tanya's research involving North Carolina's sand tiger sharks, and is currently streaming on Disney+. Encore presentations can also be viewed on the National Geographic Channel and NatGeo WILD (check local listings for dates/times). To read more about the social lives of sharks, check out this article on the National Geographic website featuring Tanya's images! ***

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*Fine art prints are available for purchase of all images on the website. Click on individual images in each gallery for print options.*

Tanya Houppermans is proudly sponsored by Isotta Housings and CineBags-Underwater