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On this page you will find the names of conservation organizations and links to educational sites to learn more about what you can do to help the ocean and its inhabitants. If you have information about an organization that you support, or a link that may educate our viewers, please send us an email and tell us about it at We love to hear about what people (especially kids!) are doing all over the world to support marine conservation!

Conservation Organizations

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's mission is to support scientific research, improve public safety, educate the community, and inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks.

Shark Angels use innovative education and advocacy programs to protect sharks, the ocean’s apex species. The health of the world’s oceans depends on healthy shark populations and every creature on earth depends on healthy oceans for survival. Shark Angels believes that grassroots outreach, creative media and education campaigns will inspire a global movement to save sharks, and the oceans.

Shark biologist Dr. Ryan Kempster founded the Support Our Sharks (SOS) Ocean Conservation Society in 2010 with a mission to support healthy oceans by promoting better protection for sharks and their close relatives the rays and skates. SOS is a science-based conservation group raising awareness to the threats faced by sharks (and rays) in the 21st century.

Shark Research Institute (SRI), a multi-disciplinary nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific research organization, was created to sponsor and conduct research on sharks and promote their conservation.

Shark Savers (a program of Wild Aid) is dedicated to saving sharks and mantas through building awareness, education, and action.

Save the Sharks is an ocean minded, conservation based, small non-profit working to better protect the status of the oceans through one positive shark interaction at a time.


- No matter where you live, there are many actions you can take to help marine conservation efforts. Visit the National Geographic website to learn about 10 things you can do save the ocean!

- We were so excited to receive this link with information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from our young friend, Andrea, who lives in Colorado. Andrea's after-school mentor, Joan, was teaching her students about marine conservation when Andrea took it upon herself to find more information for her classmates. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of many densely-packed regions of trash that drift around in our oceans. The trash kills marine animals, and pollutes ecosystems. People need to be aware of how their actions when it comes to trash can affect the entire ocean. We are so proud of Joan, Andrea, and Andrea's classmates for caring about our oceans! And thank you so much for the information, Andrea!

- There is so much that kids can do to help sharks! We love Sharks4Kids, which is working to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials. Curriculum, games and activities will allow teachers to integrate shark education into their science programs on an introductory, intermediate or advanced level. Students can access games, activities and info sheets to satisfy their own curiosity about sharks. Photos and videos from scientists and conservationists bring an exciting element into the classroom and show students the beauty of the ocean. So check out everything that Sharks4Kids has to offer!