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Interested in underwater photography but don't know where to start? Are you a new underwater photographer who would like to learn basic wide-angle techniques? Or maybe you're an experienced underwater photographer wanting to fine tune your skills? No matter your ability or experience level, Tanya offers a variety of instructional methods sure to bring out the best in your underwater images including:

     - Workshops at dive destinations throughout the world

     - Instruction via Skype

     - Personal instruction at a location of your choosing


Tanya offers wide-angle underwater photography workshops at various dive destinations throughout the year. The class size is kept small (8-10 people) to ensure everyone gets individual attention and is able to maximize their time in the water. Here is an example of the material covered in a typical workshop:

     - Basic Underwater Photography Principles

     - Subject/Composition (what makes an interesting photograph, and why)

     - Choosing the proper lenses

     - Lighting and Strobes

     - Camera Settings

     - Photographing Large Animals

     - Close-Focus Wide-Angle Photography

     - Post-Processing Techniques

     - Tricks of the Trade (taking care of your gear, preventing dust spots, etc.)

Piercing The Sun

In addition, Tanya will meet one-on-one with every workshop guest to answer questions, offer photo critiques, and provide additional help.

There are no photo competitions associated with the workshops in order to promote cooperation and interaction between attendees without the pressure of a competition. The goal of the workshops is to increase your knowledge of wide-angle underwater photography while having a great time!

Instruction via Skype

If you're not available for instruction in person, Tanya offers sessions via video Skype. Many of the same subjects that are taught in person can be easily taught via Skype. Whether you have some general questions about underwater photography, want some advice on gear, have specific photographic techniques you are interested in, or would like photo critiques, Skype is an ideal platform.

The price for Skype instruction is $50 for one hour, or $70 for 90 minutes.

Personal Instruction

If you would like personal instruction at the dive destination of your choosing, Tanya will customize a one-on-one learning plan based on your own particular underwater photographic interests and goals. Please contact Tanya for availability and rates.

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